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UPDATE 21/04/12: Hey guys, going to be uploading some more vids soon weather permitting lol. Also going to be doing a photoshoot of my gun so going to get some good quality pictures up soon! Anything new I find out/discover I will add here.


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A site for all Crosman enthusiasts alike.


Whether it be 2240/ 2250/ 2260/ 1377....You name it....it doesn't matter we all have one thing in common. Crosmans + Modding them!

Crosman Modding can be an expensive hobby! And it has been said Crosmanitis is an incurable disease, the only way to ease the symptoms is to throw money at your Crosman and it might go away...for a while!

Here I hope to help with that problem by suggesting ideas to help save YOU money, various How to guides and other stuff too!


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